Asst Family Violence Prev Coor

Recruitment #13-142010-01


Under supervision, assists with planning, organizing and coordinating the County’s Family Violence Prevention Program, assists in coordinating activities in the community for family violence prevention, identification, education and support.

Class Characteristics

This is a single position class responsible for assisting the Family Violence Prevention Officer in the research and coordination of the family violence prevention program in the County. The incumbent is expected to function as the assistant of all aspects of the program and develop County strategies to assist in raising awareness and reducing family violence incidents; performs related duties as required.

This position is an "at-will" position and is exempt from the civil service; incumbents serve at the discretion of the appointing authority.

The Position

 The eligible list created as a result of this recruitment will be used to fill part-time and full-time regular, limited-term or extra-help positions as vacancies occur throughout the County.

Examples of Duties

  1. Assists in planning, coordinates, schedules and participating in activities within the community to increase awareness of the prevalence of violent incidents in families, with the elderly, children, and spouses; works with other councils and groups as an advocate for family violence prevention; meets with businesses and corporations and advocates for cooperation and assistance.    
  2. Assists in researching grant opportunities at the state and federal levels for family violence assistance; prepares grant applications and applies for grant funding for prevention and support activities; reviews and analyzes studies on current trends in family violence and assists in developing strategies and approaches for impacting change.
  3. Assists in facilitating the establishment, collaboration and operation of public and private partnerships to address integrated and comprehensive strategies that reach larger segments of the population; participates with various community groups and organizations setting policy for programs related to child, spousal, and elderly abuse.  
  4. Acts as a liaison with state and federal agencies on activities on family violence; attends County and state meetings; represents the County’s program in presenting program goals and activities to the media, the public and other interested groups and agencies; monitors and analyzes legislation to determine implications for County family violence victims.
  5. Assists in conducting studies and analyzes existing systems of service delivery and identifies and determines mechanisms and realignment of resources that can serve to maximize service delivery to larger groups; develops and prepares reports and information that profiles the County’s status with family violence incidents. 
  6. Assists in coordinating with internal County departments on methods of identifying and tracking incidents of family violence and evaluates the results of educational, and prosecutorial actions on the reduction of incidents; develops recommendations for improvements; assists in serving as the key advisor to County officials on progressive actions.
  7. Compiles and maintains a resource library of materials pertinent to family violence prevention.
  8. Performs other related and supportduties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of principles and practices of grant writing and research techniques, principles, theories and practices of social and psychological interaction in families, the dynamics of family violence and the types of behaviors that serve as patterns in family violence cases; local, state and federal legislative processes; techniques of strategic planning, program evaluation and implementation; comprehensive systems that offer a continuum of social and psychological services; of all County human services agencies and their role in various segments of service delivery. 

Ability to organize,develop and implement new programs, develop collaborative approaches to community issues, develop proposals for grants and financial assistance, establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; collect and analyze data and evaluate program effectiveness, develop goals and objectives and methods for evaluating results, communicate effectively in writing and orally, effectively represent the program at the state level, with community groups, various agencies, the public, and the media. 

Education and Experience

Qualifying education and experience would be:  

Bachelor’s degree preferably in the Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Human Relations, Criminal Justice or other related field.  


Two (2) years of professional level experience coordinating, facilitating or researching community social services programs, health activities and/or collaboratives.  The experience must have included report writing, and grant writing or facilitation of grants.  A Masters Degree may be substituted for one year of the experience.

Document Submittal Requirements



All candidates must submit a copy of their college diploma (verifying the degree, date earned and area of specialization) or transcripts (verifying the courses and units completed) by the final filing date.  Candidates who fail to submit their diploma or transcripts by the final filing date will be disqualified from the recruitment.


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:  Candidates who attended a college or university that is accredited by a foreign or non-U.S. accrediting agency must have their educational units evaluated by an educational evaluation service.  The result must be submitted to the Human Resources Department no later than the close of the recruitment.  Please contact the local college or university to learn where you can obtain this service.


In addition to uploading attachments when applying online, candidates may submit documents in-person or by mail at Solano County Department of Human Resources, 675 Texas Street Suite 1800, Fairfield 94533, or by fax to (707)784-6014.  When submitting documents in-person, by mail or by fax, include the recruitment title (e.g., Office Assistant II) and the recruitment number (e.g., 12-1234560-01).


Supplemental Questionnaire

This Supplemental Questionnaire will be used to determine applicants’ qualifications for this position and whether they will continue in the recruitment process; therefore, applicants are encouraged to answer all questions thoroughly and completely.  Omitted information will not be considered or assumed.  Applicants who have no experience in a specific area are recommended to state "no experience in this area" instead of leaving the space blank.


Describe your experience relevant, to this position, in the following areas (include duration of experience, in months, and where experience was obtained).

A.  Ability to organize, develop and implement new programs.

  1. Describe a project or program in which you were responsible for organizing, developing and implementing.  In your answer, include your successes and challenges.  
  2. Describe a time when you coordinated or facilitated a program or project that required participation from a diverse set of stakeholders with competing interests.  In your answer, include your successes and challenges. 

B.  Ability to sustain programs.

  1. Describe your experience researching, writing and managing grants.
  2. Describe your experience developing diverse and strategic funding plans for long-term sustainability of programs.

C.  Knowledge of theories and dynamics of domestic and family violence.

  1. Describe your experience working with victims of family violence or coordinating/managing a family violence prevention program.
  2. Explain your understanding of the cycle of violence and its role in prevention work. 

Special Requirements

Possession of or the ability to obtain a valid Class C California driver’s license may be required.

Selection Plan

07/19/2013 Deadline date to submit required documentation


SALARY POLICIES - The starting salary is ordinarily the first rate shown on the front of the announcement.  Salary advancement is authorized after satisfactory completion of additional periods outlined in the employee’s memoranda of understanding or the County’s Personnel and Salary Resolution.  Longevity and bilingual, pay maybe available for some job classes. 


HOLIDAYS – Regular and limited-term employees receive 12 paid holidays per year.


ANNUAL/SICK LEAVE - Regular and limited-term full-time employees accrue vacation leave.  After a certain period of continuous service, employees accrue vacation time at a higher rate as outlined in the employee’s memoranda of understanding or resolution. Regular and limited-term full time employees accumulate 12 sick leave days per year. Employees receive 80 hours of administrative leave per fiscal year.


RETIREMENT - The County is a member of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), and benefits are coordinated with Social Security.  The County has reciprocity with all State CalPERS and County 1937 Act Retirement Systems agencies.  CalPERS retirement for at-will employees is based on a formula of 2% @ 60. 


HEALTH BENEFITS - Employees and their dependents are eligible for vision and dental insurance with a percentage of the cost paid by the County of Solano.  The County also participates in a cafeteria medical plan administered by CalPERS HealthCare (eligibility is dependent upon job class). 


OTHER BENEFITS – Employees may also elect to participate in deferred compensation, credit union, life insurance, and flexible spending plan.  All County employees are eligible to purchase auto and/or home owners, renter insurance from Liberty Mutual Insurance.  An Employee Assistance Program is also provided.


EXTRA-HELP - Extra-help employees do not receive or accrue benefits of regular employees during their period of employment.

Selection Process

Based on the information provided in the application documents, the best qualified applicants will be invited for further examination. All applicants meeting the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed advancement through any subsequent phase of the examination. Depending upon the number of applications received, the selection process may consist of an initial application screening, a mandatory information meeting, a written and/or practical exam, an oral interview, or any combination listed. Information contained herein does not constitute either an expressed or implied contract.  

All potential new hires and employees considered for promotion to management, confidential positions or unrepresented positions will be subject to a background and reference check after contingent job offer is accepted.  These provisions are subject to change.

How to Apply

All additional application materials as requested in the job announcement (e.g. copies of diploma and/or transcripts, certificates, DD-214) must be submitted with the Document Cover Sheet, available on the employment website or at the Department of Human Resources’ office,  and are due by the final filing date.  Previously submitted application materials (i.e. copies of diploma and/or transcripts, etc.) for prior recruitments will not be applied for this recruitment but must be re-submitted for this recruitment.

Please visit the County of Solano website,, to apply.  Any further questions can be directed to the Department of Human Resources at (707) 784-6170 or at 675 Texas Street, Suite 1800 Fairfield 94533.  The office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  Paper applications may be completed in person during office hours. EOE/AA

Americans With Disabilities Act

It is the policy of Solano County that all employment decisions and personnel policies will be applied equally to all County employees and applicants and be based upon the needs of County service, job related merit, and ability to perform the job.

APPLICANTS WITH DISABILITIES:  Qualified individuals with a disability, who are able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, and need special testing arrangements, must contact the Solano County Department of Human Resources at (707)784-6170, to obtain a Request for Testing Accommodation by Applicants with Disabilities Form.  This form must be received in the Human Resources Department by the final filing date of the recruitment.  Applicants will be contacted to discuss the specifics of the request.

Conditions of Employment

DIRECT DEPOSIT – All persons hired will be required to participate in the direct deposit program.    

DRUG FREE WORKPLACE ACT – Depending on the applicant’s job class, prospective employees may be required to undergo a Urine Drug Test in accordance with the Solano County Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy once a conditional offer of employment has been made. Solano County employees are subject to the provisions of the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the California Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1990.  

BACKGROUND PROCESS –The background process may include but not limited to conducting a reference check, completing a personal history statement, conducting a background interview, and live scan fingerprinting.  The County of Solano also utilizes e-Verify to verify employment eligibility.   

APPOINTMENT - At the time of appointment, all candidates will be required to execute an oath of allegiance to the United States and the State of California and may be fingerprinted.  Candidates will also be required to offer proof that they are a lawfully admitted alien or U.S. citizen.  

PROBATIONARY PERIOD - A probationary period does not apply to "at will" positions.    

DISASTER WORKERS - In accordance with Government Code Section 3100, County employees, in the event of a disaster are considered disaster workers and may be asked to respond accordingly.  

EXTRA-HELP – An employee appointed to an extra-help position must meet all the requirements of the corresponding regular position.  Extra-help employees cannot work more than 999 hours in the fiscal year.  Extra-help employees are excluded from civil service and do not have rights to regular or continued employment.  

The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract.  Any provision contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice.